Smart quotes

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
― Isaac Asimov

Fear(less) with Tim Ferriss

Fearless with Tim Ferriss: Audience Network TV Series Debuts in May – canceled TV shows – TV Series Finale (Share from CM Browser)

The 6-Step Process To Train Your Brain To Focus

Here’s a very clear and concise plan to honing your focus throughout the day.

Check this out!!

Learning new information

Sometimes when I’m trying to “internalize” new information, such as short key points or steps in a process I’ll write them down.  I’ll write each verbatim from the book or article, then rephrase them in my own words to grasp a deeper understanding of the information and context.

I’ve found this to be very helpful in retaining and understanding information.

Please share any of your insights in this area. 

Thank you

What Would Tim Ferriss Do?

Photo courtesy of Tim Ferriss

WWTFD!  What I always think of when I start a project, or look for a better way to do something.   Tim just has some good ideas and an innovative way of approaching obstacles. 

The best part of this article was the concise answers to the questions that put Tim outside his area of expertise (ie the baby question)

Tim Ferriss’ new book about high achievers out in December | The Seattle Times

I can’t wait, this is great!!

The Subtle Art Of Reaching Your Potential

A very useful article, explaining the dichonmy of our strenths and weakness.

Using the 80/20 method to weed out strength mitigating weaknesses.

Stephen King’s thought on getting to 99% and Scott Adams point about the 1% or being top 25% in several areas.

Also has a nice chart, all around good read. Check it out!!