Photo by William J Yancey


                What causes complication and complexity?  Good question, where do we start?

·         Urgency is one of the first places, because the urgent things tend use as much of your time as they can.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many urgent tasks that are extremely valid and necessary.

·         Perceived Urgency, related to urgency, but different in that it’s more of a mental perception than a real urgent task.

·         Overload, a huge chunk of complexity, mostly because there are so many kinds of overload.  Some of this “overload” is self-inflicted while some is actually perceived, brought about by all of the various sources of information available to us.

·         Clutter, of all kinds lends itself to the chaotic elements in the world and our lives.  It stops you from finding what you need when you need it (a great source of stress!).  Disorganization also steals away your valuable time and can rob you of opportunities.

This is by no means a complete list, and I’m sure each one of these points will be revisited in future posts.

Again, feel free to add your comments and recommendations.