I was thinking about what the subject of my next post should be when an unfamiliar car came up my driveway, I went out to intercept them.

To my surprise, it was a father and his young son, the father was driving his son around canvassing the neighborhood to see if someone might want to purchase “farm fresh” eggs from the boy. In an instant I realized, that before me was a young business person in the midst of his first start up venture. I told the boy I couldn’t purchase any eggs at this time, he then handed me a business card and said thank you. I looked at the card, it had his business, his name and contact number, and was affixed to a magnetic backing, I was impressed.

After they had left, I went back into my home realizing that this was just the beginning, because like that young man, I to was in “start-up” mode with my writing. In today’s economy, the powers that be are saying we’re in a “severe recession”; to many of us it might even seem worse. In the Depression of the 30’s many fortunes were lost, at least that’s what our history books tell us. I don’t recall much information of the fortunes that were made as a result of that economic event, but I’m sure there were some. There’s a new attitude emerging in the world, it has to do with people looking for a chance to do better, to find new ways to affect their life circumstances in a positive manner.

This is why I write this blog, to showcase the information and experiences that I see around myself and to send a positive message.

I’ll close with a quote credited to Albert Einstein, someone who was very thoughtful, at least in my opinion.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”