What am I studying right now?

Well, there are a few things, of late.  I’ve been working on spirituality; an important subject, especially helpful for emotional balance.

Your level of spirituality has a ripple effect into the other areas of your life.

No matter, where you find your source of spiritual guidance there are rules, steps or even commandments that lay the basic foundation for your life.

I’ve noticed, as you probably have also, a lot of these guidelines are very similar in their message.

–      Kindness

–      Humility

–      Right Action

–      Right Thought

–      Service

Each also gives guidance for past wrong doing and bad actions.

–      Confession

–      Owning of your actions

–      Making amends to those you have wronged.

–      A message to learn from your mistakes to reinforce positive actions.

Recently, I’ve been investigating Buddhism in particular; I found these excellent articles at a site called the Bigview.com, check it out.

The four noble truths

The eight fold path


The inner balance of spiritual harmony is like a gyroscope, keeping you calm and on track even in the chaos of everyday life.