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The pursuit of knowledge and self improvement go hand in hand on the endless
journey of life long learning. Whether through formal education or the
personal quest through reading to satiate the desire to know, taking control
of your life starts with feeding your mind. If this is something you are
already doing, then by all means continue; if this is something you would
like to do, then there are a few simple steps to get you on the path.

To begin with, what is it you would like to know? Make a list of subjects
you would either like to expand your knowledge on, or to add to your
knowledge base. You can be as general as you want to be, but the more
specific you are the easier it will be to realize you goals. Do your best
to prioritize your list according to what you would like to learn about

Next, you should attempt to answer why you want to learn about each of the
items on your list. This can serve as an aid to decide how you will
approach learning. Many of the items on the list can probably be approached
from a self learning angle, where you find materials on your own at the
library and on line. The other option would be to take a more formalized
approach through classes. This would tend to be the case when your reasons
for learning about a subject are more career oriented. As an example, I
just completed my Masters in Library and Information Science and am about
ready to start my Doctorate in Education as a means to first securing a
position as a librarian, and eventually as a library director.

Finally, be willing to revisit and reevaluate your list periodically. The
study of a topic could draw your interest in a direction you never
anticipated, and so you should remain flexible enough to follow this new
thread of knowledge.

The development and maintenance of your mind is of vital importance to your
health and well-being. If you follow the above suggestions, not only will
you keep your thinking sharp, but you will be embarking on a life long
journey that will be continually unfolding for as long as you want it to be.