The alarm clock goes off for the umpteenth time, suddenly you realize you should’ve been up and going a while ago.  Stress immediately reaches peak levels as you try to prioritize what you need for the day in nanoseconds.

    • shower
    • get dressed (hope I don’t forget anything here!)
        • make lunch or buy lunch? (important question for those who value nutrition and maintaining  budget)
    • am I going to be late even if I speed to work?

You get to your destination a few minutes late, it feels like all eyes are on you as you try to act like you’ve been there all along.  Even after an hour you still can’t shake the feeling of being out of sorts, why?  The simple answer, people weren’t meant to chug coffee out of the pot, race down the road watching minutes tick off trying to calculate how fast should I go to make up for this.


Why do prep work for everyday life, I think it really just makes your life easier and I’ve always thought if things are easier than they can be better.

Being prepared gives you:

  • more confidence
  • allows you to handle change better.
  • heck, it evens helps you to anticipate change or better yet, direct change.
  • preparing for each day puts you in charge of your day.
  • beats the heck out of being unprepared for anything.


You can only live each day as it comes, and by preparing today for tomorrow your days can become lighter and brighter.  Build an excellent today for an awesome tomorrow.