house of cards

We’ve all heard about taking a deck of playing cards and stacking them one on top of the other to form a house.

The wind comes in and the house crashes to the ground, you rebuild and it gets bumped accidently your card house topples down.

Either way, it seems as though when something happens the destruction is complete and you must rebuild anew.

There are people who look at aspects of their life through the lens of this metaphor, one bump and everything falls.

We can clearly see that this isn’t true, but metaphors tap into our subconscious mind and take hold.

Our conscious mind needs to engage to filter the negative feelings that such a metaphor gives us.

How do we engage the our conscious process?

  1. Breathe, deeply and completely (get oxygen to the brain)
  2. Ask some questions
    1. Why do I feel this way
    2. What happened that I tend to think this thought
    3. Is this feeling valid?
    4. How can I feel good about this. (is there an opportunity here?)
    5. What would it be like to feel empowered at this moment (describe your feelings)
    6. Come up with a plan
    7. Follow through with your plan
  3. Check with your resources
  4. Follow up with yourself

By consciously looking at your feelings, you can figure out if that feeling is valid. 

Sometimes feelings are very valid, while walking down a dark alley you hear footsteps,  you’re nervous.  (good time to get out of the alley)

Other times our feelings and metaphors tend to make us less than resourceful, this stops our progress.

Through analysis we find a disempowering metaphor, we need to replace it with an empowering metaphor.

A positive metaphor like:

“ Where there’s a will there’s a way.”  will take you much further.

Find the positive metaphors for your life.  Fear and failure live in a house of cards.